are you Spiritually fit? done any Spiritual exercises lately?


hey everyone,

so i was just reading the wall for our Free Healthy Wealthy & Happy Ideas Daily … and read this:

‘Meditation saved my life’ … thanks Cory 🙂

I can COMPLETELY relate … and thought immediately of sharing about SEs. There’s so much I could share about how Spiritual Exercises (or SEs) has changed my life, given me my own answers, shown me true happiness, love and meaning … and while words are nice and inspiring … they won’t make sense until you experience this for yourself …

me at the PATs ... the bliss of SEs

me at the PATs ... the bliss of SEs

From Dr. John-Roger – ‘Timeless Wisdoms, Vol I’ page 55:

Spiritual Exercises (SEs) are designed to awaken you to the Soul. They provide the Soul with a vehicle through which it may come more fully present in this environment. In that respect, they are like no other activity in this physical, material world, and no other activity replaces SEs. SEs have been designed … by Spirit, which says, “This is the way set up to reach Me. There will be various ones who will keep coming forward with that message. They are the direct representative of the Sound Current.” Through the Light and Sound of God, true knowledge is available.

SEs are an attunement with the loving quality, the pure loving that exists between you and God, and when you chant the sacred names of God, you more directly pull energy from Spirit to yourself. The spiritual consciousness is already there. Doings SEs strengthens your awareness so that you may see Spirit through spiritual eyes.

Through doing SEs you also create a channel, an opening, a tunnel, through which Spirit can convey Its wisdom to you. Your job is to separate fiction and reality and discern which is which. SEs will help you to discern the levels more clearly. They give you a chance to become quiet adn to allow the spiritual experience to life you so you become defined as something greater than the physical experience. And if you find yourself caught up in the negative or addictive patterns of behavior, the remedy often is to get off by yourself, do a lot of SEs, and rebuild your reserves.

And from John-Roger’s ‘Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise’ pages 401-403:

Doing Spiritual Exercises
The only wrong way to do SEs is not to do them, and there is no required way to do SEs. For people who would like to have some form of methodology, here is a step-by-step procedure as a suggestions for doing fifteen minutes of SEs.
# Find a quiet place with low lighting and a comfortable chair to sit in. It is best not to listen to music while doing SEs although it is fine to listen to music while getting ready to start.
# Sit upright, if possible, and close your eyes.
# Call yourself forward into the Light for the highest good, and ask for spiritual protection and guidance during your SEs.
# Chant Hu’ or ‘Ani-Hu’. It is preferable to do this inwardly (silently). If you are an initiate, you would chant your initiation tone.
# While chanting, focus your attention in the area near the center of the head directly back from your forehead. This is called the tisra til, and it is in this place that the Soul has its seat and the Soul energy gathers.
# After you have chanted for about five minutes, stop and listen within. You are listening for the Sound Current, which is very subtle. You may hear it the first time you do this, or it may take years of practice. It is a very individual matter
# If you find your mind wandering and you lose the focus of listening, you can focus the mind by chanting again.
# After about five minutes of listening, you can either continue to listen and look inside or return to chanting again. The times are approximate, of course. The idea is to spend time in SEs doing both chanting and listening.

Many people ask me well what is MSIA all about … and the practice of SEs is perhaps the best answer …

Love you all,

and MSIA will send you a free book and CD – completely free, no obligation – has some great info about SEs:

and I also just found this link on the MSIA website – ‘How to do Spiritual Exercises’

me doing some quick SEs on the road, surrounded by dirty clothes, and with my SEs flag (hand) in the air ... not the prescribed way to do SEs ... but after all, there is no WRONG way to do them

me doing some quick SEs on the road, surrounded by dirty clothes, and with my SEs flag (hand) in the air ... not the prescribed way to do SEs ... but after all, there is no WRONG way to do them

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