So I sometimes use a simple 5 step process I created to help me move forward with something. 

This morning – still in bed – but with coffee in hand – I began thinking and journaling about how to share more – how to get reconnected to communicating with my world … 

It’s always been key to me – that a large part of my life is about sharing my love for spiritual awareness. When my Mum died I began to live as if life and God were against me – and it was my spiritual study that helped me learn that all of life is for me. There is this innate perfect plan that is loving and growing us continually. 

But of recent I haven’t felt very motivated to share online etc. 

So this morning I did my CLC 5 steps* – and asked God for clarity and direction with this. 

Some judgments came up – and I forgave them. 

But I was just really present and following the energy and I lay back down in bed and it was like I was being shown to do these back strengthening exercises. 

My lower back gives me pain from time to time – and I was aware I was being directed to strengthen and heal that area of my body. 

I was also aware I was being directed to strengthen my back bone – to grow a part of my consciousness that doesn’t want to be seen – or doesn’t want to be held responsible for what I do … 

I am again in awe of who we are as humans – so intimately connected and fueled by the Divine. 

And I am again reminded how much I receive from spending time with mySelf within. 

Happy Friday everyone xx.  


Be Vulnerable 


I spent the weekend away at a beautiful hotel for my birthday with the intention of reconnecting to why I’m here – my purpose on the planet – and to align with what I’m here to cocreate. 

I wrote down a long list of what I want in my life … And then identified what experience or quality was underlying that “thing”. 

The top 5 experiences | qualities were:

Freedom | Joy | Connection | Safety | Sweetness

I then tried to identify how I could daily have a greater experience of these qualities … And this is one of the things I was aware of that I wanted to share with you all … 

I want sweetness … So be vulnerable. I’m so glad I’ve done USM recently before this relationship with Eric – it’s taught me to be truly vulnerable and me with those I love … I have observed it’s truly those moments of giving the wholeness of myself … Not just the nice pretty palatable bits … But the vulnerable hurting parts … That has helped us know, love and reach this place of sweetness with each other that I never could dreamed was possible. 

I’m also reading a lot of Brene Brown recently on vulnerability. Showing and baring my imperfections and truth in any situation has been alive and unfolding incredible new aspects of my relationships throughout my whole life recently. 

And this #quote from John-Roger has always been a driving force for me: 

“Perfect vulnerability is perfect protection”. 

So cheers to me on my birthday. 

Cheers to God giving me the most perfect and precious boyfriend in the entire world. 

And cheers to vulnerability.    


Whatever works



So it’s 2:21pm. Still in London. And haven’t really taken a moment to get centered today.

Have had some wonderful moments with people – and have been very present and aligned in the moment during meetings and activities – but this is the first moment I have chosen to fully relax. Come quiet and still with myself and do the claiming love consciousness 5 steps.

I’m aware that I’m living more present and aligned naturally and habitually.

And even though my whole day feels more like an experience if claiming love consciousness – there’s still such a magic that comes in for me when I give 100% of my focus to going within and residing there. Intending. Letting go. And receiving.

Having just done this process – what in so taken with in this moment is the grace that seems to work through the awareness of what do I want and then reframing it in my consciousness as gratitude – as thank you universe for this.

It seems as if something shakes loose – or energy is awakened in this change. In this reframe.

Do any of you notice this!?

We’ll hope you’re all really well. Xoxoox Zoe.

One of my biggest shifts recently has been from eating for calories, or eating for wanting to be skinny, or maybe eating for taste, or for escape, or for trying to control at least something in this crazy day that I seem to be having … to my new conscious intention for eating, which is eating for energy.

It sounds common sense and matter of fact, but with the recent awareness of it, I’m amazed how habitually I begin to choose what to eat based on almost one hundred other factors before ‘eating for energy’, for life, for vitality and health.

I was inspired to write this blog after creating another inspired kitchen creation this morning. I’m letting my body tell me what I want to eat, and I’m taking away all restrictions and limitations and rather moving to a place of trust and knowing about my body and my ability to choose health for me and my body.

So I was in the kitchen this morning, it was around 9.30am and I wasn’t that hungry yet but felt tired and sluggish. Very clearly ‘ginger’ came in. I love ginger and its like my ‘new caffeine’ (seeing as I no longer drink coffee or any kind of caffeinated beverages … oh and yes that’s a whole other blog … I will write that one sometime soon). So I just kept listening while looking into my fridge, into my cupboards to see what resonated and what made sense to me and my body given I wanted to get going on taking advantage of this beautiful LA sunny Sunday morning.

So given I’d chosen ginger I decided to go with a smoothie of some kind and then coconut water came in loud and clear. I wasn’t so sure about how ginger and coconut water would go … but I was in my place of trusting so I went with it.

Ice cubes, then bee pollen, then almond butter and finally frozen bananas followed.

And the final destination … a sweet spicy tropical paradise … filled with super energy and buzz.

And it’s now 1:15 and I’m only just starting to get hungry again … a powerful sustaining way to start the day.

Ginger + Banana Super Energy Smoothie
1 massive chunk of ginger (peeled and cut into pieces)
1/2 cup of coconut water (just from a carton is fine, but choose one that doesn’t have anything else added, just plain coconut water)
1/2 tablespoon bee pollen
1/2 tablespoon almond butter
6 ice cubes
1 frozen banana (cut into pieces)
Blend completely, pour and drink!!!

Trusting oneself is powerful. Particularly when it includes ignoring the usual habitual responses, the usual limiting thoughts and emotions … and really holding for and holding into that higher intelligence that lives within. And this new focus of ‘eating for energy’ for what my body wants to make the most out of this incredible day that I’ve been given … has been leaking into other areas of my life. It’s so true that once you make a change in one area, that health and growth then starts expanding and resonating through all the others …

much love and Light,

So I would not have guessed that my life would include giving press and red carpet interviews at the Sundance Film Festival. Definitely not something that I foresaw in my future, and definitely not something I ever put energy or time towards creating.

Sundance 2011, The Wayshower

Sundance 2011, The Wayshower

This last week at the Sundance Film Festival representing The Wayshower movie, from Director/Producers Dr. John-Roger and Dr. Jsu Garcia, I have been continually inspired, and hour by hour touched by meeting a new person that is creating a life they love, by doing what they love.

It might be just me, but recently I’ve been aware of more folks sharing with me about what they’re doing, the work and lifestyle they’re creating, and that what they do is based upon what they love to do. And particularly this recent week talking with filmmakers, actors, producers and the like, it is inspiring to meet so many that are blessed to be making a living from what they love to do.

For this reason it’s been a great opportunity for me to see the fruition of my own guts and courage in following what it is that I love to do … and to see rewards and blessings come with it … far beyond my own imagination, hopes and wildest dreams.

I’ve come to learn also that there are many ways that we stumble and then begin to fall into the groove of doing what it is that we love to do. Some of us know what it is that we love and do whatever it takes to create a life full of that. And others like myself begin creating a life of doing what we love, simply by loving what we do … whatever that is.

For some this happens at a very young age and my friend Eric Lumiere is a great example of someone who very early on in life was profoundly aware of what they loved and what they knew they were here to do. Eric Lumiere writes, sings and lives music. To hear him on stage in front of a packed house, or to hear him sing as walks around the house, is to hear a natural effortless gift that makes him happy first, and very gratefully the rest of us happy also.

For others their love is born out of something perhaps challenging or with overcoming … I’m here at Sundance with my friend Kelley Raleigh, and while she will tell you herself that at school she was, at times, a ‘mean girl’, she is know using that experience, and all that she’s learnt and overcome to run workshops for teens and children with Insight seminars. Again in 2011 she’ll be taking a group of teens to Tanzania to do service work with an orphanage, and to listen to her speak of her experiences, to talk about her ‘teens’ as if they were her own … and to see her passion in transforming bullying behavior – in loving both the victims and the bullies – is to see someone alive and inspired by living what it is they love to do.

And perhaps one of my greatest mentors and inspirations is my good friend and colleague Jsu Garcia. To watch him in front of an audience – whether it be 3 people over dinner conversation – 30 people on a bus as he leads tours for John-Roger around the world – or 3000 people at a concert – he was born to entertain, to lead, and to make people laugh. His joy and Spirit exudes. It’s infectious and contagious. It simply is clearly him loving the moment, and loving what he does. And this love and passion for his life shines through in the movie that brings me here to Sundance – the movie he wrote with our teacher John-RogerThe Wayshower.

Press Release: The Wayshower at Sundance

“When you seek peace out in the world, are you looking for sensation? Sensation can assuage your yearning for peace, but only for a short time.
Your physical senses will eventually be stupefied by the world, and you will automatically retreat into yourself. There you will find your yearning for peace; and there is where you will find the source of peace.”
John-Roger (From: Loving Each Day for Peacemakers, Choosing Peace Every Day)

This is day four, alone at the Zoe Golightly Personal Retreat. It’s real name is Zoe Golightly’s Retreat for the Mastering of Loving … but I’m too shy to share that with you all 😉

Me, just me, on retreat in the mountains

Me, just me, on retreat in the mountains

Spending time alone is like a detox process. At first it feels a little strange when all outer stimuli are taken away, and you’re left with just the stimulus that comes from you. The first few hours are strangely quiet, and lonely isn’t the right word, it’s more … just so much of myself.

And like during detox there is definitely some ‘stuff’ that comes up. Those thoughts and feelings you’ve been ignoring or trying to distract yourself from now has the opportunity to finally get your attention. That’s where free form writing comes in handy, and meditation. But I also get there’s something in the silence and the intention of choosing this time for myself, the ‘stuff’ seems to handle itself. Kind of like just having the courage to be present with them, not running away from them or trying to resist them, dissolves them in some kind of graceful process.

So then after the initial adjustment of being so surrounded by yourself and those things you’ve been ignoring and distracting yourself from, comes the sweet feelings of comfortableness and familiarity. Like going home to family for the holidays, it takes a while to come into the family groove, but then after no time at all everyone’s back in the flow and the familiarity of being together again.
But for me, choosing to come away and being completely with myself has a few further stages that I could only describe as peace, inner relaxation, or the coming to terms with exactly who I am is ok and in fact I really happen to like me. Very much.

Then after the peaceful stage comes the excited enthusiastic stage, like during a detox where you start flying and you have so much energy and your body starts to sing … And this is where I find myself right now.

After taking away external influences on my life it’s like I’m finally left with some space, some time and some openness to truly hear, know and welcome all of those things that are important and meaningful to me, not important or meaningful to someone else. All of my dreams, my great ideas, my inspirations and my creativity starts bubbling to the surface. So I’ve been taking advantage of that today by listing some stuff I want for 2011 and beyond, and creating painting and reminders to take home with me for my apartment fridge and walls. I also started creating a type of personal ‘code of arms’. Very fun.

I know I say this often, and I’m glad about that, but I do really just love my life. And I love that most of the things that are present for me for the time ahead are stuff you can’t see, but parts of my consciousness and loving that I want to grow, expand and evolve into.

I read this article a long time ago from J-R, and it changed my world and how I view things in a profound way, and only came to remember it while writing out my intentions for this year. I was aware that in years gone by my intentions were mostly filled with the things I wanted to achieve or acquire. And as I realized that almost everything I was claiming, creating, as I wrote them down on paper, was in some way some part of me coming further into my oneness and harmony with myself, with my Soul, with the Spirit.
“The Bible says that even before you ask, God knows your need and will supply it. What the text appears to leave out is, “as long as you are living in your heart, or God’s will.” When our hearts are open, we live in what religion calls “God’s will,” the way of universal harmony and abundance. We live in the flow with the tides and rhythms of nature, and so attuned are we with both the inner and outer things that before we even speak, our needs are supplied.
The Bible also states that the reason we do not receive abundance is that we do not ask. This refers to those who are outside of the heart function and who are not in harmony with the instinctive goodness of both nature and the open spiritual heart. Thus the Bible accounts for both kinds of people—those who have not realized the truth and who must ask, and those who have surrendered to God’s will and who can graciously receive.”
John-Roger (From: NDH)

And of course I do still ask for things, however over time I am finding that what has become more important and useful to me is to live in the consciousness of the gratitude and knowing that everything that I have right now is so perfect for me and that all things coming my way are for me and are far beyond that that I could have had the wit to ask for.

And I do look at my life, filled with abundance and love and joy and friends and travel and things and experiences and I wonder if this abundance has come about because of my ability to let go of the things I want, and to be more open to the things that are coming to me through the Spirit.

At a time where there is so much focus on getting what you want, for me, the joy is definitely better described as wanting what I get. Not easy at times, but a habit that over time builds into greater ease, and greater and greater blessings.

Wow I really love that when I start to write I never know where I’m going to be taken.
Always an adventure.
So Happy New Year Everyone
Wishing for you years that are filled with the things that are truly beyond your imagination, wants and desires, and are greater than you could have ever hoped for.
Love you all,

events upcoming


12.09.10 | Napa Valley, CA
Book Event with J-R

With | John-Roger, Paul Kayeand Jsu Garcia
Includes | Fabulous three course meal, and your copies of the ‘Living the Spiritual Principle Principles of Health and Well-Being’ book & ‘Spiritual Warriors’ DVD
Thursday December 9th | 11am – 2pm
Rubicon Estate | 1991 St Helena Hway, Rutherford, CA 94558
RSVP Requested | Contact Zoe 323-422-0002
Cost | FREE!!!

Jsu, J-R and PK at the Rubicon Estate 2009

12.09.10 | Napa Valley, CA
The Wayshower Movie Screenings

THE WAYSHOWER | Preview Screenings for Friends, Napa Valley Locals & Industry
Directed by | Jsu Garcia, DSS & John-Roger, DSS
Starring | Jsu Garcia, Eric Roberts, Peter Stormare, Howard Lazar, Nina Bergman & Sally Kirkland
Thursday December 9th | Screenings @ 3PM and 5.30PM
Cameo Cinema | 1340 Main Street St. Helena, CA 94574
RSVP Requested | Contact Zoe 323-422-0002
Cost | FREE!!!

Random pic from filming The Wayshower on location in Utah

12.11.10 | Moab, UT
The Wayshower Movie Screening

THE WAYSHOWER| Preview Screening to Support the Moab to Monument Valley Film Commission Fundraiser
Directed by | Jsu Garcia, DSS & John-Roger, DSS
Starring | Jsu Garcia, Eric Roberts, Peter Stormare, Howard Lazar, Nina Bergman & Sally Kirkland
Saturday December 11th | Screening @ 6PM
Star Hall | 125 East Center Street Moab, UT 84532
More Information | Call 435 259 4341
Cost | FREE!!!

J-R meeting Sebastian Barr, who plays J-R as a child

Me!!! The day of our big preview in Price, Utah ...

A packed house in Price, Utah for the preview screening of the Wayshower, October 15, 2010

my wayshower


A quote from my Wayshower John-Roger …

“All along, there was growing within me a longing for Light and for love and for the manifestation of God in some form that I could identify and relate to. My prayer became, “Lord, you can have the whole thing. I just want to know who you are.”
That prayer was being answered all along, though I did not yet realize it. I knew that I wanted a God that was in all things, that was present with everyone, so that we could truly be a family of God and in God. I wanted a fellowship and a brotherhood — a oneness among all humankind. I could sense the reality of that in my heart, though I had, as yet no objective reality to support that.”
John-Roger (From “The Wayshower” CD Packet)

Me with John-Roger in Falmouth, England during his booksigning for his recent book 'Living the Spiritual Principles of Health & Well-Being'

It has been a while since I have written and most of my writing time of late has been devoted to my thesis for my DSS. But I wanted to share something that has been going on of late that is inspiring to me, and one of those, I really want to shout this from the mountain-top kinds of things.

When I read this quote from J-R recently it was as if my whole body came alive. My whole body started tingling and every part of me was saying “Yes me too. Lord you can have all of me too. Dear Lord all of me is yours, I’m here in whatever, whichever way you need me. I just want you. I want love. I want joy. I want to be with and know you completely and entirely.”

So many times in my life I have heard John-Roger say things where I have been aware of this similar kind of resonance, and it’s almost like a relief that says “Oh my God I’m so glad someone else thinks and feels the same. I didn’t dare think that could be true for me, but in just hearing one person stand up and claim that, there is an invitation given, or some form of barriers dissolved, to me also claiming and standing up in that.”

And I am blessed with many wayshowers throughout my life. In fact I’m surrounded by them constantly.

I’ll never forget a good friend sharing about how she gave up sugar for 2 years or so – it gave me instant courage that I might also be able to do the same …

Driving the other day I passed a pedestrian waiting for the lights, just rocking away to his iPod on the side of the street, and it gave me this incredible sense of freedom and inhibition to be myself wherever I am …

Another close friend of mine has the craziest most awesome sense of style and fashion, and her expression for herself, through herself, by wearing whatever SHE wants to wear has also inspired and motivated my own style and the courage to dress for ME and not for others …

And a very close friend of mine inspires me everyday by saying exactly whatever is on his mind. It might not be the popular or politically correct thing to say, but his courage to be himself and not care about how others perceive him has been one of the greatest teachers for me over recent years …

We are all teachers, and we are all students. We teach with our lives. And we learn through our lives.

Reminding me of another favorite quote of mine from Sathya Sai Baba … “My life is My message.”

The more I have the courage to claim what’s real for me, and what’s true, regardless of how popular or unpopular it is, is not only liberating myself, but perhaps for others too. And in this way our love spreads, and the love on the planet grows … and grows.

For My Wayshower John-Roger … I love you. Thank you for all you do, but mostly for all you are.

I am love


I am beautiful.
Not because you say.
Not because I say.
But because I am.

I am adored.
Not because you say.
Not because I say.
But because I am.

I am special.
Not because you say.
Not because I say.
But because I am.

We are all one.
Not because you say.
Not because I say.
But because we are.

Me with my wayshower, John-Roger

Me with my wayshower, John-Roger

I am so blessed to have reference points, experiences, moments of magic and miraculous awe of life, of love, of the Spirit.

I am having one of those right now, where I am simply aware of my consciousness, my perspective on life, my higher and divine point of view with which to experience my life and all things.

There is nothing more valuable, nothing more precious, nothing more worthy than being able to find the love, experience the love, and share the love: the love that is this world, that is you, that is me and absolutely everything we see.

Everything is here for us. Everything is here to serve us, lift us, support us, stretch us, strengthen us and bless us. There is nothing that is not good, that is not for us, that is not part of God’s divine experience as planned and prepared for you.

I’m just blessed to be able to see my life through this lens, and so grateful for all the things I do daily that help me connect to this consciousness, this energy, this loving that is the Spirit, that is God, that is the divine part of each of us.

To express my love and my gratitude for the wayshowers that have lead me to Spirit, that have lead me to this experience of myself as one, whole and complete with God. To them there are no words. Except perhaps. Thank you. And to shine and show my love for others. For myself and others. As we each do our small part to shine and radiate and vibrate the love that we are, and to help and support each other back as we return home to the heart of God.

I love you.

Rick, me and Zeus in NY a couple of years ago

Rick, me and Zeus in NY a couple of years ago

Victoria our amazing chef and me, serving at Prana

Victoria our amazing chef and me, serving at Prana

Me and Stu

Me and Stu

my favorite quote from J-R

“enough love will handle all things. if you are having difficulty handling something, you don’t have enough love for that thing. so your next step is laid out in front of you. get some more love.”

If there was one directive I believe it would be worthwhile for me to follow, regardless, and in spite of absolutely everything else – it would be to ‘get some more love’.

When people let you down, it’s easy to … ‘get someone to blame’.

When your lover leaves you, it’s easy to … ‘get sad. get real real sad.’

When you stuff up and embarrass yourself royally, it’s easy to … ‘get some chocolate cake’.

When someone takes something from you, it’s easy to … ‘get some sweet sweet revenge’.

And when someone you love doesn’t do what you want them to do, it’s just oh so easy to … ‘get some crazy ideas about how they mustn’t love you that much anyway’.

So I have this quote on my wall to remind myself of four magical words in times of challenge.

‘Get Some More Love’.

So the first word is get – this means YOU have got to do something. Get up, get moving, and take responsibility for the situation and for yourself and for how you feel and start moving towards what you actually want … which 100 times out of 100 is more love. Just trust me on that. I know, I know it often feels like you may want to kill another, or at least hurt someone real bad, but we all know, that under that, is just our want to be loved.

And the second and third words are ‘some more’. Doesn’t mean a whole heap, doesn’t mean any particular amount. Just means ‘some more’. Just means some amount ‘more’. So if you are feeling like strangling someone, or eating 3 slices of chocolate cake, getting ‘some more’ love may be a small movement in that direction. Just a little. Just some more. Maybe not mountains or oceans of more love. Just a little, which will lead to more, and more, and then the mountains.

And the last word is love. Well I don’t even know where to start with such a word. Love is everything to me. Is goodness. Is Spirit. Is caring. Is all things good. It’s the part of us that unselfishly wants the best for everyone, for ourselves, for everything.

So ‘get some more love’ – do something that loves yourself. Do something to take care of yourself. Do something to get you moving in the direction, the vibration towards seeing it all as good, rather than seeing it all as f’d up. Do something, anything that helps you to start to be in the flow and on the wavelength of love.

‘Get some more love’. These four words help me a great deal. Thank you J-R. You are a rock star.

Love you all,